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CRS4 ViC BRAIN is a software for 3D reconstruction and visualization of architectonic, neurophysiological and tract tracing data of primate cerebral cortex. The system takes as input data acquired by identifying contours and neuron positions on cryogenized brain sections and regards it as a three-dimensional environment to be interactively inspected.
CRS4 ViC BRAIN may be used under the terms of the amended GNU General Public License appearing in the file LICENSE included in the software distribution. Installation instructions are in the file INSTALL. This software is citeware. Please inform CRS4 of all publications that have used this software and acknowledge its usage by mentioning CRS4 ViC BRAIN and the CRS4 Visual Computing Group.

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  • CRS4 ViC BRAIN: Version 2.0.2, February 26th, 2018
    LICENSE ( 54KBytes).
    INSTALL.txt (1.2KBytes).
    brain-crs4-2.0.2.tgz (8.5MBytes).
    All the above files should be downloaded. Installation instructions for compiling and installing the software on a Linux platform are in the file INSTALL.txt. The software has been originally developed on a Linux platform (Gentoo distribution). It compiles with a recent gcc compiler on 32 or 64 bit architecture and should run on other Linux/Unix environments.